Would Mediation Work for My Divorce?content-image

A divorce is rarely a simple process for two people to go through. There is a lot of time, money, and energy that has to be put forth as a divorce process takes place. Of course, both parties want to be heard and to have the divorce decree to be in their favor in some […]

What Situations Could Lead to Modifying Spousal Support?content-image

Because spousal support is not intended to be required forever, it can be modified when certain circumstances arise. In order to modify spousal support, there are procedures that must be followed, and a court must make specific findings. The McMinnville OR family lawyers from Goodfellow Law can assist in pursuing or defending against spousal support […]

Dividing Your Assets? Why You Need a Lawyercontent-image

When dividing assets in a divorce or separation, it is important to understand your rights and how the law addresses the property division. There are specific issues to consider when dividing assets and steps that should be taken to minimize the chance of issues arising in the future. For assistance and advice regarding asset division, […]

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