Annulment Process in Oregon & Getting a Lawyer on the Case

annulment processIn some situations where people get married, they quickly realize it was a mistake. When this occurs, they may try to get the marriage annulled. While this sounds easy, it involves numerous requirements and can become very complex if not pursued correctly. If you find yourself wanting to have a marriage annulled, it will be crucial you get a lawyer working for you as soon as possible. Therefore, turn to experienced McMinnville Oregon family lawyers at Goodfellow Law.

Grounds for Annulment

To get a marriage annulled, one spouse must first prove there are grounds to do so. In most cases, this will include such things as the marriage being based on fraud or deception, one party being incapable of providing consent, situations where bigamy or polygamy exist, or various other circumstances. However, it will be important to seek an annulment as quickly as possible upon learning of various circumstances. For example, if you learn of a fraudulent situation yet remain in the marriage, annulment will no longer be an option. Instead, you will have to get divorced.

Annulment Procedure

To gain an annulment in Oregon, certain requirements must be met and procedures followed. To begin with, the marriage must have taken place in Oregon, or one spouse must have lived in the state at least six months prior to filing. Along with this, grounds for the annulment must be established and papers filed with the clerk of the county court. Once done, both spouses will be served papers to appear in court. If one spouse cannot be located, the court may ultimately issue a default judgment in favor of the petitioner, that being the spouse who is present at the time.

If you are seeking an annulment to your marriage, never try to handle the details on your own. Instead, contact McMinnville Oregon family lawyers at Goodfellow Law.