Probate attorneyAfter a person passes away, it may be necessary to go through the probate process to handle the deceased person’s estate. The probate process is subject to various rules and procedures, which is why it is important to comply in order to ensure no issues arise. McMinnville OR probate attorneys from Goodfellow Law can help with probate issues and questions.

What is probate?

Probate is the process in which a court authorizes persons to administer an estate. A probate may be informal, where the court has little involvement, or formal, where the court oversees the administration of the estate and makes decisions about certain issues.

Probate may be necessary to address certain estate issues, including the following:

Why should you consult with an attorney?

Failure to properly administer an estate can have significant consequences. To ensure that estate matters are handled correctly, you should consult with a probate litigation law firm in McMinnville that can assess your situation and provide legal advice.

Probate may require the filing of certain documents and disclosure of information. A probate litigation law firm in McMinnville can help you prepare these documents and obtain the information to ensure that you comply with the law. McMinnville OR probate attorneys can also ensure that the proper documentation is completed to account for estate activity and to transfer property legally.

If you have questions about probate and estate matters, contact Goodfellow Law to learn what your options are and how to best address issues that may arise. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.