Civil & Tort Claims

Civil & Tort ClaimsLitigation is the process of using the court to resolve certain disputes. Civil litigation involves various procedures within a lawsuit to obtain information in anticipation of trial. Civil litigation can be complex so you should consult with the McMinnville OR civil litigation lawyers at Goodfellow Law.

What types of issues can be addressed through civil litigation?

There is a wide range of issues that can be addressed through civil litigation. Here are some examples:

The law provides for avenues to seek recourse for many different types of issues. If you believe legal action may be necessary to address an issue that you are involved with, contact our McMinnville OR civil litigation lawyers to see if civil litigation is recommended.

What happens in civil litigation?

Civil litigation may be commenced by the filing of a complaint with the court, where certain legal remedies are requested. If the opposing party chooses to contest the complaint, then litigation proceeds.

Typically, the next step would be to conduct discovery, which involves the parties exchanging and obtaining information from each other. Discovery may include interrogatories, requests for production, depositions, and other methods to learn more about the details of the case. The discovery process allows the parties to obtain information that may be important if the case proceeds to trial.

In many cases, the parties may explore methods of dispute resolution to see if a compromise may be reached. This could include mediation, arbitration, or settlement conferences. If dispute resolution fails, then a case will proceed to trial where a decision on the case will be rendered.

For assistance with civil litigation, contact Goodfellow Law for legal advice and representation. We will strive to help you find the best solution available.