Child Custody Laws in OR: How They’ll Affect Your Casecontent-image

When you are involved in a child custody dispute, there will be many factors that come into play. Because of this, it will be critical you understand the various child custody laws in Oregon and how they may affect your case. Whether this involves child support, changing a custody agreement, or other issues, you will […]

Should You Consider a Restraining Order During a Divorcecontent-image

If you are currently going through a divorce, you might be wondering which steps you should take to protect yourself. For example, you might have heard of others working with their McMinnville OR divorce attorneys to file a retraining order against their spouse, and you could be wondering if this is something that you should […]

Annulment Process in Oregon & Getting a Lawyer on the Casecontent-image

In some situations where people get married, they quickly realize it was a mistake. When this occurs, they may try to get the marriage annulled. While this sounds easy, it involves numerous requirements and can become very complex if not pursued correctly. If you find yourself wanting to have a marriage annulled, it will be […]

Stepparent Adoption Cases and Your Next Stepscontent-image

When a person is a stepparent, there are many challenges as well as rewards that come with the job. Due to the important role many stepparents play in their kid’s lives, at some point the decision is made to formally adopt the kids as their own. However, since this process involves numerous steps that can […]

Conservatorship: What It Is and What to Do Nextcontent-image

When a person is unable to handle their financial affairs due to a disability or other illness, it may be beneficial to pursue a conservatorship. whether your situation qualifies for a conservatorship depends upon a variety of factors. A court must make certain findings in order for a conservatorship to be granted. The McMinnville OR […]

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