The first 10 things you should do following a divorcecontent-image

Finalizing a divorce can be relief, but also can lead to stress related to the uncertainty of the future. To help you move forward with your life, we have compiled the following list of the first 10 things you should do following a divorce. Allow yourself time to grieve No person plans on divorce being […]

At what point do you need a lawyer to help with child custody?content-image

Unfortunately, there are so many couples, married and unmarried, with children who break up in Oregon just like any other state in the US. And as a result, custody concerns arise, and one or both parents may consider contacting an Oregon family attorney about child custody. However, the following includes general information concerning general child […]

How to Approach Divorce During the Pandemiccontent-image

During this Covid-19 pandemic, divorce and custody hearings and trials were postponed in most courts. Many people have been wondering how to deal with divorce during the pandemic. Goodfellow law is a law firm in Oregon that deals with custody and divorce issues and offers quality services to their clients. Oregon divorce lawyer or Oregon […]

How To Protect Your Property During Divorcecontent-image

Since half of all marriages end in divorce, it is crucial you enter a marriage with a plan to protect your property should the relationship go awry. However, since there are many complexities involved when a couple divorces, make sure you work with Oregon divorce attorneys who know how to protect your rights and property […]

Don’t hesitate to report domestic abuse that occurred during quarantinecontent-image

The current pandemic has caused a great strain on the lives of many people all over the world. One way in which it has impacted the lives of many people is it has caused a rise in domestic violence incidents and has increased the need for help in these situations. A number of people have […]

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