Child Custody Laws in OR: How They’ll Affect Your Case

child custody lawsWhen you are involved in a child custody dispute, there will be many factors that come into play. Because of this, it will be critical you understand the various child custody laws in Oregon and how they may affect your case. Whether this involves child support, changing a custody agreement, or other issues, you will no doubt need experienced legal guidance during this complex process. Therefore, contact McMinnville OR child custody attorneys at Goodfellow Law.

Neither Parent is Favored

In Oregon child custody laws, neither parent is favored by the court. Thus, a father will have the same rights as the child’s mother. When custody issues come into question, the court will always try to do what it feels is in the best interests of the child.

Mediation May be Required

Although Oregon Circuit Courts hear all custody cases, there are situations where mediation may also be required of both parents. In most cases, this is when a parenting plan will be negotiated by both parents. Since this is only required by select counties in Oregon, it will be vital you know whether or not you will be required to participate in mediation. Rather than be caught off-guard, rely on the advice of McMinnville OR child custody attorneys at Goodfellow Law.

Changing Custody Orders

If you want to have a custody order changed, it will require court approval. This will be important to remember, since even if you and your ex-spouse come to an agreement on your own outside of court, it will not be viewed as a legally-binding agreement. Thus, you will need to work with McMinnville OR child custody attorneys to file a motion requesting the order be modified.

Since you will be dealing with multiple issues in a child custody case, schedule a consultation with Goodfellow Law to discuss your situation in greater detail.