The first 10 things you should do following a divorce

paintingFinalizing a divorce can be relief, but also can lead to stress related to the uncertainty of the future. To help you move forward with your life, we have compiled the following list of the first 10 things you should do following a divorce.

  1. Allow yourself time to grieve

No person plans on divorce being part of their life. It is natural to feel down after a divorce is final. Give yourself some time to grieve after a divorce, but try not to let it go on for an extended period of time.

  1. Rely upon friends and loved ones

Spend time and communicate with your friends and loved ones. They will help lift your spirits and provide the support that you need.

  1. Find ways to improve and reinvent yourself

Now that your divorce is final, you have a great opportunity to start over and make changes in your life. Identify areas where you would like to improve and strive to make changes.

  1. Seek out new social opportunities

Seek out additional friends and social opportunities. As you meet new people and try new things, you will be less likely to focus on the past and the effects of your divorce.

  1. Start dating

Once you feel ready, re-enter the dating scene and seek out opportunities to develop new relationships. Use existing relationships and online resources to date and meet new people.

  1. Take things a day at time

After a divorce, many people feel the need to immediately create their new life. This can be overwhelming and difficult. Be patient and take things slowly. Eventually your new life will become the new normal.

  1. Make goals

Set goals for things you want to accomplish and monitor your progress toward those goals.

  1. Comply with any remaining obligations from your divorce

If there are any loose ends from your divorce, try to get those resolved so you can move on with your life.

  1. Budget

Be financially responsible and make a monthly budget. This will help you recover from the financial impact of the divorce.

  1. Seek out legal advice whenever issues or questions arise

Whenever you have questions about your divorce, contact a Oregon family law attorney. A Oregon family attorney can provide advice to assist you in your journey.

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