How to Approach Divorce During the Pandemic

divorceDuring this Covid-19 pandemic, divorce and custody hearings and trials were postponed in most courts. Many people have been wondering how to deal with divorce during the pandemic. Goodfellow law is a law firm in Oregon that deals with custody and divorce issues and offers quality services to their clients. Oregon divorce lawyer or Oregon family law attorney can represent you well.

Changes that have occurred on divorce during the pandemic

If there is anything that has slightly changed during the pandemic is the parenting methods. Despite having custody signed over by the judge, the parent has to follow all the health safety measures and sanitation measures.

1) Parenting in public places should be done in locations that have followed all the health guidelines and avoid places like parks with exposure to touched surfaces.

2) When the parents are exchanging their children, they are required to obey the CDC guidelines. This should be done in a less crowded area to avoid spread of the virus.

3) If any of the parties misses any of their parenting time due to Covid-19, they are required to make-up the time they missed keeping in mind the child’s wellbeing.

4) The parties must communicate their measures on preventing the spread of the virus. A parent should not neglect their parenting duties because the other party cannot communicate or sufficiently follow the health guidelines.

5) During the pandemic, the schools remain closed. Parenting will still continue with the assumption that school is in progress, despite closure for health purposes.

Should one wait to divorce because of the pandemic?

This choice is made by a party depending on the personal, financial status and also health issues because of the pandemic.

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