You shouldn’t feel ashamed to file for divorce

filing a divorceMarriage is a step that most people feel should last for the rest of your life with the same person. However, there are reasons why divorce might be a good option for you and your family. You should never feel ashamed to file for divorce as you shouldn’t put your emotional, physical, or mental health at risk just because you don’t feel that divorce is right. An Oregon family attorney can discuss the legal process involved with filing for a divorce so that you don’t have to speak to anyone else about the issue until it’s over.

When you’re in a marriage that is filled with various types of abuse, then it can be a toxic relationship for everyone involved. Divorce is a way for you to safely get out of the marriage. Someone from Goodfellow Law, Oregon divorce attorneys, can assist with finding the resources that you might need to file charges against your spouse if any criminal conduct has been committed and can also help you find support groups and resources so that you’re safe throughout the divorce proceedings.

If your children are in a home where the marriage isn’t healthy, then it can often have a negative impact on their emotional and mental well-being in the future. Filing for divorce with the help of a divorce attorney McMinnville Oregon offers can give you the freedom to raise your children in an environment where they don’t see fighting or don’t feel as though they are in the middle of a marriage that has no communication or love. Your attorney can assist with child custody issues and visitation as well as child support issues so that your children are cared for financially and so that they can see the other parent in a safe manner as supervised visits are sometimes ordered by the court if they are needed.