Would Mediation Work for My Divorce?

husband and wife fighting A divorce is rarely a simple process for two people to go through. There is a lot of time, money, and energy that has to be put forth as a divorce process takes place. Of course, both parties want to be heard and to have the divorce decree to be in their favor in some way. While the matters of the divorce can’t be exactly as one party wants, both are allowed to give their input. Mediation is the point where both spouses meet to discuss the factors of the divorce and how they’d like it to be finalized. McMinnville Oregon mediators help divorcing couples who want to attempt using mediation before the divorce is finalized. Goodfellow Law can help those in need of this service.

How to Know if Mediation is Right for You
Before a judge is ready to hear a divorce case, it is generally advised that mediation takes place first. Often times, mediation is sufficient to decide on matters related to the divorce. In a mediation session, each person is able to express their views on how they’d like property division, alimony, child support, and parenting time to go. A mediator can then use parts of both person’s views to create a plan that both agree on. If this works, then the divorce can be finalized without presenting the case to a judge.

Mediation works well for couples who are willing to listen to each other and can be flexible while the final plan is being made. This is also a good time to get attorneys involved for legal purposes. McMinnville Oregon mediators will be present throughout the entire meeting to give advice, maintain the structure of the meeting, and to explain the next steps.

If you are considering mediation for your divorce, contact Goodfellow Law. Our professionals will help you decide if mediation is the best step for you.