What Situations Could Lead to Modifying Spousal Support?

spousal supportBecause spousal support is not intended to be required forever, it can be modified when certain circumstances arise. In order to modify spousal support, there are procedures that must be followed, and a court must make specific findings. The McMinnville OR family lawyers from Goodfellow Law can assist in pursuing or defending against spousal support modifications.

What situations could lead to modification of spousal support?
The purpose of spousal support is to help the receiving spouse reach a point where they are able to provide for their reasonable needs. Certain events may justify termination of spousal support, or at least a reduction in the amount to be paid. These situations may include:

Completion of education or training
Increase in income
Change in the obligated spouse’s circumstances
Proof that the circumstances justifying spousal support are no longer present

An attorney can assess a situation and provide an opinion as to whether it would justify a modification of spousal support. If the circumstances justify a modification, the court will consider many factors in determining whether to make any change.

Why should you work with an attorney on a spousal support modification?
In order to have spousal support modified, certain procedures must be followed and there must be sufficient evidence to justify the change. An attorney can help ensure that the proper procedures are followed. An attorney can also help you gather the information and evidence needed to support your case.

An experienced attorney can provide legal advice and opinions to help you know what to expect. They will strive to protect your interests and ensure that the outcome is fair.

For assistance with spousal support modifications and questions, contact Goodfellow Law to speak with one of our McMinnville OR family lawyers.