Dividing Your Assets? Why You Need a Lawyer

dividing assets during divorceWhen dividing assets in a divorce or separation, it is important to understand your rights and how the law addresses the property division. There are specific issues to consider when dividing assets and steps that should be taken to minimize the chance of issues arising in the future. For assistance and advice regarding asset division, contact the family lawyers in McMinnville OR from Goodfellow Law.

What types of assets can be divided?
There are multiple types of assets that should be addressed when parties separate or divorce. This may include:

Personal property
Real property (house, land, buildings, etc)
Retirement and investment accounts
Life insurance
Bank accounts
Business interests

Certain types of assets have special considerations that must be taken into account. Also, some assets require compliance with certain procedures in order for a division to be effective. For example, a retirement account may require a special court order to separate the account and avoid tax consequences.

Why do you need a lawyer to help with dividing assets?
A lawyer can help protect your interests and rights in an asset division. By working with an attorney, you will know how the law applies to your situation and what it provides about the property division issues.

A lawyer will help ensure that all procedures are followed. A lawyer can also help ensure that no assets are concealed or otherwise left out of the division. This will help ensure that the division is complete and comprehensive, with no issues left unanswered.

The family lawyers in McMinnville OR from Goodfellow Law are experienced with assisting clients with a variety of property division issues. We understand how the law applies and what needs to be done to ensure that issues do not arise. Contact us to learn how we can help.